Happy New Year !

It was a busy holiday season at Tinkerhaus. We visited several artisan fairs to both support local artisans and to recruit teachers. We ran an information and gift wrapping booth at the Riverwalk Brewing Company Holiday Market. Thanks to Patty Doggett and Louisa Pollard for their help with that weekend. We were a destination on the Newburyport Custom House Holiday House Tour , offering refreshments, a tour of the facility and a quick craft project. We were visited by hundreds of holiday frolickers who gobbled up the gingerbread cookies and the glitter with equal zeal. Thanks to Anne Bourbeau and Kim Pugh for helping to host and to Donna Ellison and Ronda Papp for prepping all the craft materials.

Between Christmas and New Years’ we had a 3 day marathon of Wood Shop organization where we added shelving,reinforced benches and surfaces, sorted, repaired and organized tools, replaced old cords, tweaked some dust-busting, weatherstripped the bay door and fixed the thermostat.

Tremendous thanks to Russ Holden, Jim Supple, Don Bessum, Chris Edmonds, Alex Supple, Ollie Jones, Marcus Soule for all their work on that project. Thanks to Christopher Supple for tool testing and exterior clean up and thanks to Anne Bourbeau for continued website tutorials.

There is a new crop of classes available on the website with more being added all the time.

Holiday Update!

Hi Folks!

Thanksgiving is a good time to thank everyone who's been part of our Tinkerhaus journey so far. It’s been quite a ride! I also want to update you since the Autumn harvest fairs and Open House.

We have run our first session of classes. After re-arranging the classroom 4 times, we think we’ve got it right! Thanks to Donna Ellison, Marcus Soule and the extended McDonald-Supple-Pollard family for all their help in this endeavor.

We are doing some holiday events in the Newburyport community to get people into the space. December 8 we will be a destination on the 25th annual Custom House Holiday House Tour. Ticketholders can tour the facility, grab a snack and make a small holiday craft. We could use help manning the craft table and showing people around.

We are visiting LOTS of craft fairs and we will also have a booth at the Riverwalk Brewery holiday fair on December 15 and 16. If you are an artisan who might want to sell at this no-fee fair, contact chuck@riverwalkbrewing.com. If you would like to help out Tinkerhaus for a shift, contact mary@tinkerhaus.org.

Textile classes are coming right after the New Year. If you are in a knitting, crocheting or quilting group, think about hosting a meeting in our space. We have coffee, tea, etc. We have planned our first events for our conference space. A private birthday party is happening on Saturday, December 1. If it’s a success, that could be a great future income source.

Fab Lab is coming together. Monitor is hung and room arranged thanks to Drew Rosen and Chris Ogden and will be connecting a new computer that’s coming from another generous donor this week. We have a Facebook Fundraiser underway to purchase some Prusa 3 D printers- it is puffing along pretty well but feel free to find and share it for us. Does anyone have experience with Silhouette Cameo3 cutting machine? We have a brand new one and would love to see it in use!

Our website, registration and graphics have all improved thanks to hours of patient assistance from Anne Bourbeau, Lisa Schoelles and Don Bessum. We will be featured in NorthShore Magazine’s January issue and will have a ribbon cutting through the Newburyport Chamber in early winter.

Our wood shop is in need of a barn-raising to make it operable. We have all the design,tools, benches, etc., we even have most of the dust collection system in house thanks to Mike Cyros, but we need skilled people to put it together. Contact mary@tinkerhaus.org if you are interested in this project. This is the part of Tinkerhaus that has garnered the most interest from potential users, but has been the hardest to pull together. Our tool donors have been amazingly generous, so it would be nice to see a little sawdust soon.

If you are interested in teaching a class - jewelry, knitting, sewing,printing, woodworking… or you just want to see the facilities, please email and arrange a time. Look for a Holiday Open House TBA very soon!

With Much Gratitude from Tinkerhaus

The Surprising Joy of Maker Generosity

It’s been an exciting and sometimes angst filled ride forming a non-profit, finding a suitable property, procuring insurance and choosing the right words to explain the concept of maker spaces. My friends and family have offered tremendous support which I am so grateful for. But, the amazing thing that has happened over the course of the last year is the number of complete strangers who have offered their experience, advice and expertise.