Our Mission

Tinkerhaus is a community makerspace that embraces family and community partnerships, facilitates creative, innovative opportunities for development where all levels of makers can work, learn, and play, and encourages self-directed, purposeful learning.

Our Vision

Tinkerhaus seeks to provide a safe environment where makers of all ages can engage in self-directed or scheduled activities that promotes creativity, problem solving, skill-building and critical thinking.  

Tinkerhaus seeks to support community needs through the development of authentic activities that promotes inclusive community values and the spirit of collaboration.

Our Guiding Principles

  • We believe that all people are endowed with unique abilities to make things and that those abilities should be fostered with learning opportunities. 
  • We believe that the future of our community and our country are dependent upon our citizens becoming more reliant on their own ingenuity, innovation and industry.
  • We are committed to beginning on a path to combining our brains, our hands and our hearts in service to a more sustainable future.