Why a Makerspace?

Have you ever had a great idea for something to make but you didn’t have the tools?

You started a project but got stuck on how to finish? 

You just wished you had someone to bounce your ideas off of?

Whether you grew up in a family who built tree houses and tailored wedding gowns, or your people feared anything more complicated than a pair of scissors, Tinkerhaus can offer you the level of support you need to become a maker. You can learn woodworking, fiber arts, jewelry making, decoupage, digital design and fabrication .

We are building a community for you.

  • We have tools such as drills, saws and hammers, sewing machines and glue guns, pliers and pottery wheels.

  • We have people who can help you make a wooden tray, a pair of earrings, a Halloween costume, a new or bigger business.

  • We have surfaces that can handle paint and glue, and where you can set your piece to dry.

  • We have room for you to mull your ideas, share them with others or be inspired by what everyone else is making.

We have opportunity for beginners and for master artisans.

Interested? Become a member. Learn more.